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Backed by over 1000 medical studies over the last 50 years, Whole Body Vibration Training is still new to many in the USA. This technology has been widely accepted and used in Europe where it originated.

Here are the top 7 Health Conditions Whole Body Vibration Training can improve in just 10 minutes per day.

Back, Knee, Hip and Joint Pain. The machine uses gentle Oscillating Vibration to help stretch the Spine, Hips, Knees and Ankles. This takes away inflammation and re lubricates the joints thus relieving pain.

Osteoporosis. Whole Body Vibration Training is a weight bearing exercise. As the plate accelerates it increases G Force on the body which helps build bone density and improves Osteoporosis.

Diabetic Neuropathy. The Vibe Trainer Pro machine uses both Oscillating and Linear Vibration. It produces 5-40 vibrations per second or 5-40 muscle contractions per second. This stimulates the muscles and nerves increasing circulation and improves Diabetic Neuropathy.

Decreased Fall Risk in the Elderly. Whole Body Vibration Training helps improve balance and keeps bones and muscles strong decreasing fall risks in the elderly.

Arthritis. Whole Body Vibration Training works the same for Arthritis as it does for Back, Knee, Hip and Joint Pain. It keeps the joints moving and loosened up


Fibromyalgia. A medical study dated October 14, 2008 shows how 6 weeks of Whole Body Vibration Training improved pain and fatigue in women with Fibromyalgia.

Weight Loss. Whole Body Vibration Training exercises 97% of your muscles at the same time producing 5-40 muscle contractions per second. After a 10 minute session you have had thousands of muscle contractions thus burning more calories than traditional exercise.


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